What if your only daily meal was served on a sidewalk? What if you needed to use the bathroom and there was no place for you to go? What if your bedroom was a box and your blanket was The New York Times? What if you were homeless and on the streets? Could things get any worse? Only if you stopped helping us help them. For the past 86 years the St. Francis Breadline has provided meals to over 400 men, women and children each morning. So many are fed, sheltered, cared for and given some dignity in life because of you and the help you give us. Children, women and men of all ages and backgrounds receive assistance from us because of youThis year, we need your help raising $100,000. Without you and your generosity, so many more would go hungry. You can also make a pledge donation here. 




Franciscans Deliver is a ministry of service to the poor, elderly, shut-ins, and anyone who has difficulty accessing services in our neighborhood. Every week our members choose which grocery items they want, and then our volunteers pack and deliver their order to their front door. We believe that client choice—members choosing the items they want—enhances a person’s dignity while it addresses individual preferences for food. Our food is top-quality and we ensure that our members are offered meats, cereals, fresh produce, eggs, milk, coffee, and dessert every week. But the most important thing this great team of volunteers delivers is the joyful spirit of St. Francis. 

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